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Sunday, June 26, 2011

City Harvest

City Harvest, an alternative light for the city of Haiti in an economic crisis, designed by Ahearn Schopfer is located in Port-au-Prince. Focus on four main channels built on the outskirts of four floors housing complexes. Exterior design is essentially the "one acre" crop circles with a secondary input channels, while the internal "port" is a house in the city center, schools, governmental services, the community and the general market. The entire complex is mobile and has a cable attached to the seabed.

Because of its low profile, low deadweight capacity of the project and wave attenuators perimeter, designer suggests, hurricanes and typhoons will have little effect other than the collection of water harvesting has great need. A breakwater will be built to add to the stability of the city. (Note that this proposal intends to use all debris concrete rubble of the earthquake filling the breakwater that the.)
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