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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cap Osdorp Amsterdam, Netherlands

From the chapel designed by Atelier Kempe Thill is in Osdorp, Netherlands. Green dominated the public with its canopy becomes part of the interior and extends generously the small space. This effect is reinforced by the modest interior design and color scheme of gray. It is used as a "public room" area, activities are clearly visible inside and encourage direct interaction with the public space.

The top floor is the community hall. To achieve the desired results multifunctionality and neutrality, it has a completely closed wall, forming a hermetic and introspective place. The desired appearance is very neutral offset by the generous headroom and two skylights to illuminate the room naturally. The space is deliberately kept small with white color to maximize the impact of the roof inside. With that, the room will have a very specific character, without reducing the multi-functionality.
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