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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Portico, Prospect Bay Beach, St. James Barbados


The Portico, Prospect Bay Beach, St. James, designed by Roldán Bellori is in Barbados. Porch, which opens its doors this year, is located on the west coast of Barbados, and attracts attention from outside their style glass curtain wall. At the entrance there comes a time in a glass bridge over a pond, where water and organic fusion of stone with concrete and glass, representing the surrounding nature in a contemporary way.

vast spaces of the building adds to the sense of wilderness and modernist architecture in a mix - a five-story open lobby where the elevator is like a separate volume, but integrated in together. glass railings and decks on each floor offers another level of feeling of freedom you feel on the inside of the building by introducing a deeper dimension of elegance invisible.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Wide Range Of Urban Projects Representing The Work Of This New Practice, Based In Mumbai, Mumbai, India

Designed by architects Opolis, a series of urban projects representing the work of the new practice of Mumbai is Mumbai, India. Ridge House (built 2005) is a unique location, yardage, course (VIS in relation to the movement rain and sun) and, above all, a magic wand and the formulation of opinion around it.

The use of bamboo as a building material alternative is under consideration to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Tan Tien your project (in the development of prototypes) explores this in a completely new site, while the Urban Campus project explores the idea of ​​establishing a campus in a tense situation in urban areas. It also recognizes the importance of public space and housing within a school.
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Housing Design That Is Based On The Subtleties Of Human Relationships In Tokyo, Japan

Housing design that relies on the nuances of human relationships designed by architects kimizuka is located in Tokyo, Japan. Recreate a society that hides the definition of "home": Azamino SoHo in Yokohama (2011), a family home and the workplace, is to rethink the concept of a home within the community, rather than as a closed box, separated from society. Although this house has rooms fully equipped with no children, common areas for family and work space is completely safe and is associated with the other. This program is expected to affect the relationship between parents and children, families and communities and even individuals in society.

Increase the importance of a shared empty: Lightwell House in Tokyo (2008) is designed for a family with their grandmother. How different generations live together, there is a common value of their home will be one of the main problems in the near future with the aging population and the long recession that Japan is facing.
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