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Sunday, June 26, 2011

City Harvest

City Harvest, an alternative light for the city of Haiti in an economic crisis, designed by Ahearn Schopfer is located in Port-au-Prince. Focus on four main channels built on the outskirts of four floors housing complexes. Exterior design is essentially the "one acre" crop circles with a secondary input channels, while the internal "port" is a house in the city center, schools, governmental services, the community and the general market. The entire complex is mobile and has a cable attached to the seabed.

Because of its low profile, low deadweight capacity of the project and wave attenuators perimeter, designer suggests, hurricanes and typhoons will have little effect other than the collection of water harvesting has great need. A breakwater will be built to add to the stability of the city. (Note that this proposal intends to use all debris concrete rubble of the earthquake filling the breakwater that the.)
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reservoirs Of Hope In San Jose

Containers of Hope, located in Saxony Benjamin Garcia Architecture, was designed by San Jose, Costa Rica. The designer has shared insightful information about his latest project, "Containers of Hope," which seamlessly transform two abandoned shipping containers in a house aesthetic.

Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, the residential project is due to close cooperation with customers and Saxe Gabriela Calvo, Marco Peralta, who began to construct the building itself. By placing two containers side by side, and the use of recycled metal parts to make the next roof, Saxony has created a sense of transparency in the internal volume, while ensuring cross ventilation which is said to eliminate the need for air conditioning.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

National University Of Colombia In Bogota, Colombia

Designed by Steven Holl Architects, the National University of Colombia located in Bogota, Colombia. This volume angular white National University of Colombia by Steven Holl and Chris McVoy rests on the foundation laid by the architectural designer Leopold Rother in 1930.

Spread over 6400 square meters of clean white building consists of an auditorium that can accommodate 600 people seated at right angles to the restaurant, various roof terrace with its beautiful mountains nearby ridges, "upside down" part of the formulation of water cave in the garden and a quiet reflecting pool of rainwater and gray that sends voice drips.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

City Festival Doha In Doha, Qatar

The Festival in the city of Doha, designed by DP Architects is located in Doha, Qatar. The complex has a sale section with the best international, regional and local levels, one of the facilities of the theme parks and leisure, hospitality and conference and automatic exposure. DP Architects is the designer, with Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) the name of the project architect.

The concept brings moods and atmospheres Mother Nature in a mall, and reinterpret elements in new forms. Loops in detail, it will be four different areas of the interior - water Concourse, Garden Walk, Rainforest Broadwalk and fashionable Galleria. The four zones offering different experiences for buyers. Doha Festival City is located 15 miles from downtown Doha on Al Shamal Road, one of the main roads of central Doha arteries.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Contemporary Eco-friendly House Design In London SHH

Architects and designers SHH have completed a new build £ 1 House designed by famous designer has created a new innovation in the home in a modern style, but the energy savings adds interior design. interior, which is used very cheap, but does not remove the impression of a luxurious interior. Visible from outside the house impression is minimalist and serene. Short and the system was to create an ideal family home a couple (two children), who had always wanted to build a house from scratch to meet their specific needs. Decorating was open and a light clean lines and lots of storage space, so the house could be clear and free. The open spaces were to increase the flow of family life, the integration of all activities and the family together. A large window and door openings and a large light well below ground level would bring so much daylight into the house as possible.
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