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Monday, May 2, 2011

Landscape Architects Design Kindergartens In A Mountain Village





school of architecture in the construction of a mountain village. New kindergarten full day at school for game design and indoor games are fun outdoors. Integration of indoor games and outdoor combines elements of logic. Landscape design elements of the mountain village school of contemporary architecture. pre-school gym interior design room or indoor play area. The mountainous terrain suitable for nature lovers to play and study by the favorable external environment. kindergarten in the public space and child care centers in the mountain village with a slope.

The function of the kindergarten building in the formulation of fun that children do get bored in school. inside the kindergarten building is divided into several rooms are classrooms for teaching and learning activities and games room. Natural landscape mix with children's playground grass for a large open plaza idea. The school building was constructed with materials of white concrete and oversized windows surrounding it, while wood is used exclusively for the gallery level.
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