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Guest Blogger: Louise from Table Tonic

We recently sold the house that we had busily transformed into a home over the past six years, and this particular room has a special place in my heart, mainly because of the transformation it underwent in the weeks leading up to the sale. The room was the fourth (attic-style) bedroom upstairs, and until this point, it was somewhat bland and uninviting. As soon as we chucked this gorgeous Table Tonic Mexican Suzani ( on the bed, the whole room came alive and the tone was set for a palette of cool, dreamy greens, limes and turquoise. Had we stayed a little longer, I could certainly have seen an aqua feature wall on the cards!

Hope you like it and thanks for the honour of being a H.O.T guest blogger!

xLouise (Table Tonic)

Thanks Louise! I love this vibrant space! If guys don't read her Table Tonic blog yet, you're missing out. Another one of my daily reads filled with colorful eye candy! And her amazing store of global treasures for the modern bohemian ships all over, so none of us miss out!
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