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Luxurious hotel in architecture and is located in a historic building (250 + years) from Valletta, Malta took the main source. Lucia Scotia, part of Valletta Suites project is a hotel that is really special for a very special guest. The appreciation and awareness is needed with a fun and entertaining. A combination of several styles, but still a strong concept. Learn to see the beauty that has a story to tell and enjoy the excitement that had just brought to life. One project examined the cost of the same size and maybe even the small hotel with only two rooms for the night. First of all environmental factors is an existing recycling. In this case, was implemented by an original historic building with 3 levels and roof terrace. The house has a very unique configuration consists of a chamber above the other, connected by a spiral stone staircase great.

Most of all deteriorated structure was abandoned in the way points in time use and importance. There is considerable attention on the structure of the old and new in decor. Even the walls are very few who are treated, they are a way for them to be compatible with existing conditions. hotel philosophy simple and clear, NO bathroom single dose, no large space that is not necessary, even for personal service, YES for environmentally friendly housing.

Upon entering the living room on the first floor and looked around, you want to know and confusing. The furniture is traditional and mod with rococoesque all are united in space time. One might think that the residence was owned by poor families with a rich guy who bombed the FF & E. Dominant emphasis there is a relationship between old and new. Everything has a meaning and symbolism. All accessories and decorative objects were purchased from flea markets to remind those who may be present initially in the interior. Special attention should be paid at each end. Most of all beautiful Terrazzo earth house. A key factor in an atmosphere of space through geometric shapes and the real historical value. A value that also includes the original narrow staircase. Running away from the streets of the old staircase reveals terrace wear. There are no secrets, hidden and not regret that.

In the first completed room can not take my eyes away from the marriage between the wall and the bed. Originally the walls looked like had been treated with special techniques, but a look around you realize that the only progress of work at the time. In a closed room all you need is a bed that invites you into the real surprise is the bathroom black cons acting as an entity separate from everything else. Particular attention should be paid through the glass door to remind you that you travel in this, but there is a great charm of the past. The second bedroom upstairs is currently under construction and is a hidden surprise. But we have inside information that will be composed of dark brown tones of cement Veneziana chosen to be part of the wall, who took the color of a coat of paint was found when scraping the wall. For the rest of the room, exposed limestone of Malta, a rich black marble wainscoting, tile patterned fabrics and textures are being studied.
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