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Computer Centre Of The Cultural Foundation In Lisbon, Portugal

Architects designed torque Amanda survived EDP Foundation Cultural Center located interest in Lisbon, Portugal. This project est aussi democracy. It's United Nations Building to the people - the people they Lisbon, pour the Cultural Visitors pay a tourist. This United Nations Building Culture and Leisure Who defining the boundaries between public space and building. A heavy single created an organic molds A topographic Who fits in the landscape A relationship to a fluid natural Between Interior and Exterior - people moving to see so be in Quebec in the building.

The building creates an attractive landscape that enter the Tagus. At high tide stage is covered with water to create a constantly evolving conversation with the flow and water reflections. Reflections play with overhanging facade to give unexpected lighting effects both inside and outside the capture and magnify the light of the unique qualities of this south side. A shadow zone is created naturally by the cantilevered structure.
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