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Brandhorst Museum Set To Open In Munich, Germany

Designed by Sauerbruch Hutton, Horst Brand prepares to open a museum in Monaco of Bavaria, Germany. Outside consists of layers of different functions. On top of the building structure and insulation of the vessel is a horizontal layer of folded metal foil holes. Faced with this, 36 000 ceramic rods is mounted vertically. These are the complete 21 different colored glazes and are divided into three groups of shades and tones, which emphasizes the visual impression that the building consists of three separate volumes of the link.

Passing through the surface of the facade of the building looks different. There are innumerable differences between the appearance of the material and structure, respectively, the vertical angle of ceramic rods are one of the smooth surface, seeing his face, horizontally emphasized the wallpaper appears and becomes the dominant feature.
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