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Center Of Excellence For Applied Research And Training

Center of Excellence for Applied Research and Training designed Dewan Architects & Engineers, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The building was designed for a harsh environment in mind during the summer the temperature can reach 55 degrees and the humidity is almost the same level of 80-90%. The dome top "tube", which unites the expression 'carpentry and joinery of metal structure of the roof to the dominant power of the wind swept through the compound, a kind of modern "Windcatcher / Baarjiil, creating an active, comfortable space to meet and interact with all the services that are tied together.

The building is surrounded by a reflecting pool of water, which is the soothing aesthetics, in addition to its thermal cooling effect around the building. manicured lawns and manicured gardens greet visitors to approach the main entrance of the building. As you enter the main entrance of an asymmetric double-height main hall is the reception area, multipurpose hall and the gallery that greets visitors and directs them to the main hallway.
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