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What Weekend?

I had big plans for doing stuff this past weekend.

Among the plans: to rearrange the furniture
in the Parlor, and hang more art on the walls.

Surprisingly, paintings and mirrors are not at their best
leaning up against baseboards and mantels.

The Parlor on Friday:

The Parlor on Monday:

Look familiar?  Looks identical, as a matter of fact.
Even the dust is the same.

This is squarely my fault, as I took a pain killer
on Saturday morning, and slept away most of the rest of the day.
I only woke up to eat, like a hibernating bear.

On Sunday, determined not to spend the day studying the insides
of my eyelids, I skipped the pain meds, and Howard and I
motored down to Somerville Center Antiques,
to add some furniture to my booth there.
The booth has its own blog now, at That Old Stuff.
 And now I'm heading back to Somerville, because there is
a price on my head.  There are WANTED posters of me,
because (hangs head in shame) I am a criminal.

I bought a piece of display furniture yesterday from another
dealer for $30, and forgot to pay for it.
Slipped right out the door to the getaway minivan,
with my accomplice, Howard, at the wheel.
We took the scenic route home and stopped at farms for
apples, corn, and zucchini.  I understand that
Bonnie and Clyde used to do this after their capers.

Have a lovely Monday -- it's gloriously sunny, breezy, 
and just the perfect day to kick off October.
I'm off to make an honest woman of myself.
Others have tried, but maybe this time's the charm! -- Cass

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